Amann Wax Modeling units

• Clamping screw• to adjust tilt angle as required• Separate control unit• control unit can be positioned away from your work surface• Light barrier• activates the induction heater Advantages:• No gas-installation required• No sooth deposits on sculpturing instruments• No heat build-up in the laboratory


NoFlame represents a revolution in the dental sector. At last it is
possible to perform most sculpturing work without the need for a conventional Bunsen burner. This is achieved with the aid of the proven technique of induction heating. The sculpturing instrument is held in the coil opening and heated in fractions of a second with minimal current consumption. The presence of the instrument activates the apparatus by interrupting an infrared light barrier. While the temperature generated in the sculpturing instrument is comparable to that of a Bunsen burner, it is impossible to burn yourself on the NoFlame as only the metal parts of the instrument are heated. The control system for NoFlame was designed as an external unit in order to keep the basic apparatus on the working surface as small as possible. The kind of safety measures required with conventional Bunsen burners are superfluous as NoFlame was developed to the highest safety standards.