BelleGlass HP heat-and-presure processed polymer glass truly represents a new class in dental restorative  matierals. Its the low wear/high strength material of choice for the laboratory fabrication of exceptionally esthetic inlays,onlays, crowns and bridges  

Five-Year clinical evaluations have proven bellglass HP to be a material of high strength and excellent wear  resistance. In vivo measurement of wear showed an average wear rate at five years of 6.3 microns,or a little over 1.2 microns a year. In conjuction with this, flexural strength rating  were significantly higher than any other composite material currently available

Bell glass is an extremely workable material, ideal for building in excellent anatomical detail. Hp  restorations can be highly characterized and precisely shaded, making each a work of art. HP opalescence  and translucency compare favorably with all-ceramic material, and the high  flexural strenth of belle Glass achieves much greater fracture resistance than un supported porcelain

Belle Glass HP achives the aesthetic appearance of an all-porcelain restoration without the wear to opposing  dentition often experienced with ceramic materials. It's the best of both worlds...the  aesthetics and performance of ceramics with the kindness to  opposing dentition of  composites